Fall Volunteers Needed for the Rise and Shine Breakfast Ministry

St. Peter’s Rise and Shine Free Community Breakfast is served each Monday and Thursday morning from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. In our first year, we’ve served over 1,000 meals to people in the Oxford community.

We have several different ways to volunteer. Shoppers buy supplies and place them in the kitchen on Sunday and Wednesday evening prior to the Monday/Thursday breakfasts. Cooks normally work in teams of two, from 6am to 7am. We have a team of two which sets up from 6:30am to 8am, and then another team of two that cleans up from 7:30am to 9am. If the ministry continues to grow, we’ll need to add more people to each shift.

Contact Lynn Wells at lnwdesigns@msn.com to volunteer, or fill out this quick online form:

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