Capital Needs Planning

Update from the Vestry and Capital Needs Committee
April 27, 2018

From February 7 through March 15, 2018, we conducted a four-week revisioning process under the direction of our resident consultant, Pete Rauchenstein, which focused on the capital needs of our parish.  We used as our guiding document the 2006 Master Plan for strategic growth and development.  What we learned through this process is that our plans from 2006 are still largely relevant and applicable, that there is high favorability in the parish for moving forward with these plans as our template, and that our initial concentration should be on preserving our historic nave and expanding our parish life spaces.

After interviewing four highly-regarded architectural firms, The Capital Needs Committee unanimously recommended to the Vestry that we hire McCarty Architects and Innovative Construction Management to work with us as we move forward with capital re-visioning, and the Vestry voted unanimously on Monday, April 16 to initiate these contracts.  These firms will be working closely with Terry Eason, the liturgical design consultant who produced the conceptual designs in the 2006 Master Plan.

On this Sunday, April 29, Pete Rauchenstein, our resident consultant, will again join us for another four-week feasibility study.  Invitations have been mailed to all parishioners to attend 1 of 15 scheduled “neighborhood gatherings.”  If you don’t receive an invitation, please let our office staff know so we can get one in the mail to you!  These meetings will provide everyone with the opportunity to gather in small conversation groups to hear our general plans for growth and development and to provide feedback and input as we revision.  We hope everyone will make plans to attend these small-group neighborhood gatherings!

The results of these meetings will be communicated to the architect and liturgical design consultant so that they can respond to any feedback as they work to develop our proposed plans.  Our consultant will also aggregate the data that is collected over the course of these next four weeks to present to the parish in a summary report.  This report will include a feasibility analysis along with an estimate of what we might hope to raise if we choose to move forward with a capital campaign in the fall.

Last month, we received an extensive inspection report on our buildings from parishioner Ben Justus of DPM Inspection Services.  Lee Dean, our Junior Warden, has put together a Buildings and Grounds Committee consisting of Ed Williston, Dick Marchbanks, Dianne Fergusson, Chris Rogers, Ben Justus, Dana Briscoe, Joel Little, and Duncan Gray IV.  This group will use their wide and extensive knowledge and expertise to help make determinations about necessary capital maintenance and repairs and to shape our strategy as it relates to preservation efforts.

We intend to communicate regularly with the parish as we move forward in this process.  If you have any questions or would like any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Vestry or the Rector.

With abundant faith and shared excitement for our future,
The Rector, the Vestry, and the Capital Needs Committee

Members of the Vestry: Bryon Cohron, Senior Warden, Lee Dean, Junior Warden, Thomas Ardrey, Kevin Frye, Corinne Jackson, Dewey Knight, Kathy Knight, Becca Walton, Scott Caradine, Rosie McDavid, Trace Randall, and Charles Wilson

Members of the Capital Needs Committee: Don Frugé and Corinne Jackson, Co-chairs, David Blackburn, Wanda Dean, Marty Dunbar, Kevin Frye, Gloria Kellum, Dewey Knight, and Julien Tatum